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  • PhpWetBar Cocktail Recipe MS  v.0.5.4phpWetBar is a theme-able cocktail recipe management system built in php, and whose features include users, rating and comments system, favorites w/notes, my bar, "what can I make?" search, rss, xml output, recipe add wizard, and ...
  • Recipe Tools  v.0.66Tools for the recipe collector :-) RecipeFox: A addon to FireFox to grab recipes from the net (like the MasterCook addon in Internet Explorer) A recipe converter: It converts recipes from one format to another, and supports the following formats: - ...
  • YACL - Yet Another Collections Library  v.1.0A Java collections framework based on set theory, specifically, from Spivey's work on the Z notation (a formal specification ...
  • LargoRecipes recipe mgmt software  v. is a Java/Swing application for managing recipes. It does sophisticated ingredient parsing, handles RecipeML and MealMaster file formats, and generates recipe web pages. Future plans include integration with an XML database.
  • PHP Collections  v.1.0PHP Collections is a handful of interfaces and reference implementation classes that provide a common API for collection objects (sets, maps, lists, etc.) in PHP.
  • SuperWaba Collections  v.1.0SWCollections is a port of the popular java.util classes to the SuperWaba platform.SuperWaba doesn't have Collections support by itself, but you will be able to use an ArrayList or a TreeMap as usual with this library.
  •  v.1.0-r3447Extremely simple recipe to download using zc.
  • Pbp.recipe.trac  v.0.4.0Expert Python Programming - ZC Buildout recipe that installs and configures a Trac server.
  • Recipe Search Engine  v.0.9Recipe Search Engine is a program for databsing Recipe's.
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